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SBLMNL Scotland
Web & App Design

SBLMNL Scotland makes engaging new media. Our skills include mobile app design & development, responsive website design, social marketing & 3D. We are registered in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Our service

App design, web design, 3D, social marketing

We make products for digital media.  We’ve been doing it more than 20 years – first as Deepbluemedia – now as SBLMNL Scotland.

The internet has changed immeasurably since we started.  Facebook, Streetview, live streaming, the mobile web, apps . . . The internet has evolved to become something beautiful, prodigious, essential.

We’re proud to have been a very small part of that.


App development

App designers in Aberdeen

We are registered app developers for Apple iOS and Google Android. We design apps for tablet, phone or both – apps that utilise the processing power of mobile devices to bring users an engaging and immersive experience.  We make apps that work.

Modern smartphones are 7 million times more powerful than the computers that took man to the moon.  They were made to do more than play cat videos.


Website design

Aberdeen web designers

A recent report concluded 56% of all internet traffic is now made on mobile. In the mobile age, your customers expect you to have a Responsive Website design – a site that scales content to fit the device – whether that be mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.



Video production

Aberdeen video services

With social media, it’s possible to reach your clients at a fraction of the cost of TV. Video has a 58% higher engagement rate than any other media and investment in online ads now surpasses that of TV.


3D video / imaging

3D animation in Aberdeen

We make 3D models and animations – mainly for the housing, medical & subsea oil & gas industries.  Our 3D animations allow views and insights that aren’t possible in traditional filming.



Social marketing

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube marketing

With social media, anyone can publish to the world at the tap of a button.  It’s never been easier to engage with clients – or find new ones.  But to do so effectively, requires a social media strategy.


Work globally

We’re registered in Aberdeen but we work globally

The world is a much smaller place these days.  When you produce an app or website, you access a potential worldwide market. To take advantage of global opportunities, you need app, store and web localisation – a process that goes far beyond just simple translations.


Aesthetic coding

Where design and programming meet

Our core skills will always remain the same: a keen eye for design and genuinely innovative, cutting edge programming.  It’s what we do best – fusing aesthetic design with precise coding.  Our work involves much more than just basic graphics.

Make a

Social Connection

Case Studies

The majority of our work is in app development – including on our own projects, developed in-house. Most companies don’t have first-hand experience of designing, developing and deploying apps. We do.

From initial concept to wireframing, programming and deployment we specialise in full-process app production.  And for supporting marketing we’ll design a Responsive Website, video advert and social campaign – inc App Store Optimisation (ASO) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – to push your online promotion.

Truth? We made mistakes in the launch of our first apps. It’s knowledge we now apply to making sure you don’t make mistakes with yours. You can’t buy that kind of knowledge.  It’s earned.  The hard way.

Rider profile screen in iRide Ski and Snowboard app, developed for iOS and Android operating systems.

iRide Ski and Snowboard App

Vaper App vaping application for mobile phones – iOS and Android operating systems


Mobile phone app design and development for the Marine Safety Forum

Marine Safety Forum

The Snowboard App Fully Responsive Website featuring videos and tutorials

Snowboard App

iQuit App mobile app screens offered on the Google Android and Apple iOS mobile operating systems


Ski Season Accommodation responsive website for use mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop

Ski Season Accommodation

Agrovista home screen

Agrovista app

Your Wake App iOS and Android mobile phone application

Your Wake App – coming soon

Global Mobile

Operating System Stats 2017


% Android


% Apple iOS


% Other

Latest news

Recent projects

The work we do involves partnering with a diverse range of clients in an equally diverse spread of industries. In our opinion, it makes what we do the most interesting job in the world. Here’s a smattering of what we’ve been up to recently.


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