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2016 October

Iterative approaches to corporate strategy

With the release of iRide Vs2.0 imminent, we completed production of a new short launch video for use across the major social channels – Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

The video has a runtime of 25 seconds – just enough to whet the appetite without giving too much away.  A short runtime encourages users to download, install and try the app.

iRide launched October 26th on iOS, Fire and Android.


SBLMNL is delighted to be confirmed as development partner for the production of the new YourWakeApp.  The app, which will be produced for handset users on iOS and Android,

The project includes design and development of a new iOS and Android app targeted specifically at handset users (for now), deployment of a single page advertising website and production of a promotions video in short and long lengths for marketing on social media channels.

Delivery of the YWA app is expected in December / early January.


Overview video / user guide detailing in more detail the interface and main functions of the iRide app.

The video has a runtime of 1 minute 51 seconds to give users a more comprehensive view of the app.

iRide launched in December on iOS and Android.


Ski Season Accommodation video advert giving users an overview of the service, used at launch on primary social media channels – YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.