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SBLMNL Scotland
Aberdeen app design

We make cutting edge apps for Apple iOS and Android. Unlike most development companies, we have first-hand experience of devising, developing and launching our own apps. This kind of knowledge can’t be bought. It’s earned. The hard way.

App design

Mobile app design & development

We make our own apps. As well as doing client work we conceive, design, code, market and launch our own apps. This means we know just how tough it is to come up with an original idea – design the interface – work out the flow – code the elements – debug the gremlins – make the website – produce the promo video – make the brochure – design the store advert – launch – market and socially promote an app.

It is not an easy process. But by God, it’s rewarding.



Ski and Snowboard app

iRide is, without doubt, our most ambitious project to date, iRide is the most comprehensive wintersports app on the market today available for both Apple iOS and Android. We’re far from finished . . . even more features are in development.


Quit addictive, troublesome habits

iQuit is a free app that helps you stop problem addictions by giving you time, money and health goals. It has almost 19k Facebook followers.



Vaping is 95% safer than smoking

Vaper-App uses technology to help you stop smoking – and stay stopped. Order vaping kits directly from the app as well as regular e-liquid subscriptions.

Your Wake App

Personalised motivational app

YourWakeApp is a motivational app which provides a platform to encourage a positive mindset each day, a mindset specific to your goals.

Coming soonComing soonComing soonComing soon



Safety alerts by app notification

The MSF app provides positive interaction with the group’s client base by way of regular notifications, removing the need for visits to the website.

Agrovista App

Seed calculation app with personalisation

The Agrovista app features a range of calculators to help clients accurately plan and order products as well as news, notes, store and contact details.



Weather, webcams, maps, currency, flights

Tenerife-Guru is an Android app which features updated weather, webcams and maps for Tenerife. The app also has a currency converter and live flight information.


Weather, webcams, maps, currency, flights

Ibiza-Guru is an Android app which features updated weather, webcams and maps for Ibiza. The app also has a currency converter and live flight information.



Weather, webcams, maps, currency, flights

Mallorca-Guru is an Android app which features updated weather, webcams and maps for Mallorca. The app also has a currency converter and live flight information.


Tours, excursions and ticket information

ExploreTenerife is an Android app dedicated to tours and excursion info on the island of Tenerife. The app also features detailed resort and destination information.



Snowboard videos and lessons

SnowboardApp is an Android app which helps snowboarders learn new skills through instructional videos.


Videos and lessons for skiing

SkiApp is a native Android app featuring lessons and videos to help skiers improve their ski skills and technique.



Instructional app for freerunners

ParkourGuru is available exclusively on Android and features lessons and tutorials for freerunning (parkour).

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