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We are SBLMNL Scotland
Web & App case studies

We have the skills to take projects from the ideas stage through to final delivery. Most of our projects mix app design and development, web production, video and social marketing.

Case studies

A detailed look at some of our work

The majority of our work involves both production and promotion skills. We have considerable experience of producing and marketing our own range of apps and web services. These projects have given us a much better handle on the trials and tribulations of taking ideas from concept stage through to final launch and promotion. After all, there’s little point having a great app or website if no-one sees it. Some of our more involved work is detailed below.



Ski and Snowboard app

iRide is an in-house app project produced on Apple iOS and Android. It is our most detailed project to date requiring production skills in app, web, video, 3D as well as social marketing and even hard goods design.


Quit addictive, troublesome habits

The iQuit project involved app / logo / infographic design, web development, video promotion and social marketing skills.



Vaping is 95% safer than smoking

The Vaper-App project involved web and app design, logo production, video marketing and social promotion skills.

Ski Season

Accommodation web service

Ski Season Accommodation is a wintersports season accommodation agency. We designed the logo as well as producing a complex database website, launch video and social campaign.


Snowboard App

Tutorials and video website

The Snowboard App site features snowboard tutorials and videos. The site was produced as a supplemental marketing and content service for iRide.


Safety alerts by app notification

The MSF app was supplied on both iOS and Android operating systems. As well as app production we also produced a marketing launch video and website.


Agrovista App

Seed calculation app with personalisation

The Agrovista app was produced for both Apple iOS and Android operating systems – a highly complex app with multiple calculators and personalisation options.

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