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Mova App marketing video

We’ve just completed the first draft of the app marketing video for our most recent project, Mova App. A marketing website is also in production featuring the video as well as social feeds from Facebook and Twitter.

Mova App is a self-motivation app which sends users regular encouragement notifications to help them improve their lives. The full video, website and iOS / Android apps are nearing completion and will release soon.


We’ve been doing a lot of work recently with GPS for the upcoming iRide tracker system. In particular, working with the GLONASS service which allows us to accurately pinpoint location using just a handset’s in-built positioning sensors.

Pretty much all smartphone’s these days have a combination of GPS and GLONASS sensors. This allows the phone to calculate location, speed and elevation without the need for a wifi / 4G connection. Instead it uses a process called Trilateration. Not a lot of people know that.

We took this data and compiled it with overlay software and existing mapping data to give speed, elevation, gradient, distance and direction readings. So far, it seems to be working well.



With the release of iRide Vs2.0 imminent, we completed production of a new short launch video for use across the major social channels – Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

The video has a runtime of 25 seconds – just enough to whet the appetite without giving too much away.  A short runtime encourages users to download, install and try the app.

iRide launched October 26th on iOS, Fire and Android.


Overview video / user guide detailing in more detail the interface and main functions of the iRide app.

The video has a runtime of 1 minute 51 seconds to give users a more comprehensive view of the app.

iRide launched in December on iOS and Android.


Ski Season Accommodation video advert giving users an overview of the service, used at launch on primary social media channels – YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.