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SBLMNL Case Study

iRide App Vs2.0

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Showcase app development

iRide app Vs2.0

Advanced wintersports app

iRide is a revolutionary Android / iOS app which uses technology to improve users’ skiing and snowboarding. The app features a complex Rider Rating System which ranks users globally, nationally, locally or amongst friends. Riders improve by completing Progression Lists – structured, verified guides for developing their skiing and snowboarding. Coupled with Profiling this leads to Smart Connections, uniting riders around the world to build communities.

iRide includes a tracker system to trace riders’ movements, distance, altitude and speed through the day.  It features a comprehensive resort database with weather and data for 1,956 wintersports areas.

Internal project

App, web, video, logo, social, brand

iOS, Android, Fire

Responsive CMS website

In-app purchases / sponsorship

Download and install

iRide AndroidiRide iOS
Scope of work

iRide app Vs2.0

SBLMNL was responsible for every aspect of the iRide production.  It is our most ambitious, challenging – yet rewarding – project to date.

Our remit included: app conceptualisation / logo design (multiple versions) / Vs1.0-Vs2.0 app design and production / Fully Responsive marketing site / video editing and production / photography / merchandise design / social media promotion / population of resort database with details of almost 2000 global ski resorts / infographics / brochure / design and production of beermats, business cards, jackets and t-shirts / liaison with advertisers.


Service / Skills

Icon / logo design

The iRide logotype was designed as a bold statement, suited to the predominantly youth markets of skiing and snowboarding.  The abbreviated iR layout was used for the app launch icon.

Service / Skills

Responsive website

A Fully Responsive, standards-compliant CMS website for use across all devices – mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.  The iRide marketing site gives full details of the app as well as serving as a user guide.


Services / Skills


We produced a range of infographics explaining the key functions of iRide across social media channels.  Infographics don’t just look good – they also proved to be highly viral.

Services / Skills


The iRide brand encompasses more than just an app.  Skiing and snowboarding are ‘lifestyle’ sports and, as such, we identified an opportunity to offer more than just a web service.


Service / Skills

Multilingual website

From studying early social media data, we identified 47% of our market was French.  With this in mind, the iRide Vs1.3 website and app went live with full French translations.  Other languages scheduled.

Service / Skills

We are Connected

A key element of iRide is the concept of uniting users to share experiences, learn and rate their skiing and snowboarding.  With this in mind, we produced the We are Connected logo.  Look closely – you’ll see it eventually ;).


Service / Skills


In tandem with extensive social media promotion we also distributed beer mats – with scannable QR code – to ski resort bars across Europe.  It proved to be our most effective form of marketing.

Service / Skills

Brochure design

Brochure / simple user guide produced for distribution online as part of the iRide launch and promotion.


Service / Skills

Business cards

Even in the digital age, there’s no substitute for a well-designed business card to leave a lasting impression with clients.

App screens

iRide is already the most comprehensive wintersports app in circulation.  Key functions include:

  • Live feed
  • Upload and tag function
  • Advanced rating system
  • In-built difficulty algorithm
  • Detailed rider profiling
  • Friend system
  • Weekly trick challenge
  • Share to social media
  • Ranking (friends, local, national, global)
  • Battle Mode (rider vs rider)
  • Failed tricks section
  • Trick search (name, location, user, rating)
  • Freeride tracker system
  • Progression System
  • Resort data
  • Resort piste maps
  • Resort weather
  • Notifications updates
  • Grab guide
  • Dictionary
  • Personalised Travel List
  • Cloud video / image archiving
  • Extensive content filtering
  • Resort and trick tagging
  • Rider awards
  • Achievement badges

We have more services in development.  Stay tuned for further updates.

Making a social impact

iRide Twitter

396 follows

iRide Facebook

4187 follows

iRide YouTube

197,000 plays

Vs2.0 launch

Short promotions video produced for maximum impact across social media.  With a runtime of only 25 seconds, we included just enough to whet the appetite.  The video is perfect for the social generation, renowned for its short attention span.

  • Format: Full HD
  • Length: 25s
  • FB/YT Views: just launched
  • Skills: 3D / Video editing

Vs2.0 guide

Detailed iRide video showing main screens and functions.  Even with the longer run time of almost two minutes, we still ran out of time to show the full functions.

  • Format: Full HD
  • Length: 1m 51s
  • FB/YT Views: just launched
  • Skills: 3D / Video editing

Video library

Various iRide videos produced for Vs1.0 thru to 1.2 and used across social media to publicise the release of the app.

  • Formats: Full HD
  • Length: Various
  • FB/YT Views: 187,000+ (to date)
  • Skills: 3D / Video editing
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iRide has morphed over 3 years in development – from first concept through to our global release in December 2016.

iRide was conceived from the notion that technology could be used to improve users’ riding.  The notion that shared experience and structured progression could lead to better skiing and snowboarding.

iRide helps riders feel involved, feel part of a community and get motivated to improve their riding.  It allows users to mark their skills against other users – to learn from each other and push the sports.  No other wintersports app offers such a complete and comprehensive service.



Vs1.0 / Vs1.1

Early steps

iRide was initially launched back in December 2014 with a basic framework and (if we’re completely honest) substandard layout, user interface and user experience. Back to the drawing board.


Vs1.2 launch


Vs1.2 was launched in late December 2015. While lessons had been learned, the app was still buggy and lacking in important features. Lessons learned, we halted promotion and began work devising Vs.1.3.


Vs2.0 launch

Global release

iRide Vs2.0 features comprehensive profiling, friend, progression and challenge systems which are unrivalled in sports apps. Further features are planned for release through winter 16/17.