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SBLMNL Case Study

Marine Safety Forum

App | Responsive Web | Video | Logo update
Showcase app development

MSF app, website, logo and video

Redesigned from the ground up

The Marine Safety Forum (MSF) actively promotes safety within the marine sector of the Northern European oil and gas industry. The MSF commissioned SBLMNL to provide a redesign of the group’s branding and website – as well as the development of an app for iOS and Android.

The project involved a redesign of the group’s logo, keeping close familiarity with the previous version. Vs1.0 of the app provides positive interaction with the group’s client base by way of regular notifications, removing the need for visits to the website.

Client project

Logo, app, web, video

iOS, Android

Responsive CMS website

Free app

Scope of work

Marine Safety Forum redesign

The MSF redesign completely revises the way the group interacts with its members. The Vs1.0 MSF app sends users regular notifications when documents are added to the library – removing the need to visit the website and nullifying their previous mailing list.

SBLMNL took a ground-up approach to the redevelopment – starting with the logo. The website was also overhauled with a much simpler, responsive design adherent to current standards.


Service / Skills

Logo redesign

MSF requested key elements of the logo be retained to maintain a similar look and feel so we opted to update the background colours, font and restyled the background while incorporating the familiar ‘waves’ design.

Service / Skills

Responsive website

A Fully Responsive CMS website for use across all devices – mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop.  The MSF CMS also dually feeds the notifications system direct to the app when new safety alerts are published.


App screens

The MSF app was deliberately kept simple to encourage maximum user uptake.  Users simply downloaded and installed – without the need for registration.  A Vs2.0 app is planned which expand upon the base functions currently featured.

MSF video

Video produced for broadcast over social media and at trade events / conferences. SBLMNL attended the MSF’s AGM in May, presenting the video to members to outline the group’s new direction, website and app.

  • Format: Full HD
  • Length: 2m 24s
  • Skills: 3D / Video editing