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SBLMNL Case Study

Vaper App

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Showcase app development

Vaper App app

Vaping made simple

Vaper-App is an iOS/Android application that uses technology and vaping to help users stop smoking – and, perhaps more importantly, stay stopped.  It’s generally accepted that vaping can help smokers quit so the app features the option to purchase a vaping starter kit. Users can also sign up to an automatically recurring e-liquid subscription, delivered direct to door.

Vaper-app then sends regular notifications to users to encourage them to stay quit including : Money saved by vaping / Time elapsed since quitting / Time of life added by not smoking / Recognised health milestones of not smoking / Number of cigarettes not smoked.

Internal project

Logo, brand, app, web, video

iOS, Android, Fire

Responsive website

In-app purchases

Scope of work

Vaper App

Vaper-App is an in-house project produced by SBLMNL.  We were responsible for all aspects of the Vaper-App production – logo and web design, app interface / coding and video production.

Vaper-App features an in-app e-commerce platform allowing users to buy vaping equipment and also subscribe to monthly e-liquid orders – automatically tailored to their usage based on the strength and amount of cigarettes they used to smoke.


Service / Skills

Logo design

A clean and simple logo in colours related to health and well-being.  The design also works well reduced as a home screen icon – an important consideration common to logo design for apps.

Service / Skills

Responsive website

A Fully Responsive, standards-compliant, single page marketing website designed to scale to all devices – mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.


App screens

Key app screens featured in Vaper-App showing the process of sign-up through to placing a first order.

Visit Vaper-App

Go to site

Vaper App video

Launch video for Vaper-App showing the set up screens and ordering process. The video was used to promote Vaper-App on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

  • Format: Full HD
  • Length: 1m 01s
  • FB/YT Views: On-going
  • Skills: 3D / Video editing