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Social marketing / SEO

Rip up the marketing guides – social media changed everything. Social platforms put you directly in front of your clients. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) opens your website to the world. Opportunities abound – if you have a strategy.


Social marketing

You are the news

The average Facebook user has 250 friends. In most cases, the majority of these friends will be of a similar age with similar interests. If just one of your Facebook followers likes or shares your post, it will be seen by each of their 250 contacts. And if just one of those contacts also happens to like your post, your company will have been promoted to 500 different people – in an instant, at zero cost. This same concept applies to all the major social media platforms.

Social media has the power to put your company directly in front of a massive – frequently global – market. To use it right, you need a strategy.


A Facebook triumph

We set up the iQuit-App FB page with just a video and some graphics yet, through a series of creative video and image posts, it’s amassed over 18,500 followers.

18,500700+ (FB/YT)



Facebook and YouTube

iRide has a huge play count inc a Jukin Media promo – while its FB continues to have a loyal following.

4,1001M+ Jukin Media7600 (FB/YT)

iQuit Smoking

Facebook follows and video views

The iQuitSmoking FB count continues to grow each time we post new content and now has a loyal following.

3700700+ (FB/YT)

Make a

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